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NAET – Miracle cure or hoax? Part II, Conclusion

Here is part two of my post on Eczema 360. If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so here.

After the Treatment
At the end of each treatment session Tristan could have absolutely no exposure to the substance being treated for a 25-hour period. He couldn’t eat or touch anything made of the substance. So, for example, one time we treated my son for calcium. He could only drink and clean himself with distilled water. That was difficult. Not to mention the many foods and other drinks he couldn’t have that contained calcium. Another hard one was minerals as he couldn’t touch anything metal and again had to drink and wash himself with the distilled water. Most the others weren’t as difficult to manage.

Follow-up Visits

Each visit you can only be treated for 1-2 substances at a time, so it can take many visits to treat all your sensitivities. At follow-up visits, the practitioner tested to ensure the last treatment worked. I laid down, held my arm up, held my son’s hand who held the vial with the opposite hand and the practitioner checked for resistance. If I was able to resist, great, it was time to treat something new. If not, then the practitioner treated my son again for the same substance. Out of all 15 basic substances, he only had to be retreated for one. Not bad.

Go to Eczema 360 to read the rest of the story and to find out if worked for us.

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