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Summer Camp Series: Asthma

This is the last of the Summer Camp Series, this time we’ll talk asthma camps. There are by far more camps for children and teens with asthma and I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps because there have been more cases of children with asthma in the past than those diagnosed with food allergies or eczema. These numbers are changing, so I hope to see more food allergy and eczema camps pop up in future years.

asthma camp for kids

Since there are simply too many camps to list, here are a few organizations that provide their own lists of camps for kids with asthma:

Are you sending your asthmatic child to camp this summer? Has your child attended camp before? Was it an awesome experience for them?

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  1. The American Lung Association camp for my son Cyrus was completely life changing. He attended his first one when he was barely 5 years old. Now at age 14, he volunteers his time for the American Lung Association! I can’t say enough about the camps he has participated in!


    April 24, 2013
    • That’s so great Caroline! What a role model he is – volunteering already. You’ve done a great job mom 🙂


      April 30, 2013

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