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How to Avoid Bullying Due To Eczema: Children with Eczema Suffer from Lowered Self-Esteem

The side effects that accompany eczema can cause a lot of insecurities and embarrassment. It’s no surprise that a survey conducted by the National Eczema Association (NEA) found that at least one in five children with eczema are bullied at school due their skin condition. Read more

How To Build Confidence in Kids With Eczema

By Jennifer Moyer Darr, LCSW (bio below)

Confidence comes from within and builds over time as children master new skills and develop a sense of competence. While we can’t give our kids with eczema confidence there are some things we can do to help them become more confident and self-assured.

Words Matter

From an early age children pick up on our words, tones, and emotions and often incorporate them into their world view.  This means we can help shape their eczema story before they even begin talking. Take a moment to think about how you describe your child’s eczema. Is it a “burden” or “battle” that you have to “endure” or an “illness” that “fosters strength” and “encourages organization?”  Is it “just eczema” or “a horrible rash?”  While all those statements may be true, reframing negative thoughts/language can help not only us cope more effectively but our children as well. Read more

6 Steps to Improve The Confidence Of Children With Eczema

By Aradhana Pandey (Bio below)

Preparing your little one for school ought to be one of the proudest moments of your life. It seems like just yesterday that you held them in your warm embrace for the first time. Today, you see them all grown up and set to face a brand new chapter in their life. Until now, your child mostly spent their time playing with you or a few friends that they made at a park down the road. School will expose them to many other kids who may not quite be like them. It’s only now that your child will begin to notice that not everyone has eczema and not all are troubled by the constant itching. As the other kids start to point it out, your child may lose confidence and go into their shell. Ensure you are aware of the possibilities which may arise, and take necessary precautions and action to keep your child from losing their morale. Here are 6 simple steps that can help improve the confidence of children with eczema. Read more

8 Ways to Relieve Stress in Children With Eczema and Other Health Conditions

Eczema and Stress Go Hand-in-Hand

We know that stress is a very common eczema trigger and we also know that having eczema causes a lot of stress. So, it’s fair to say that eczema and stress go hand-in- hand. The question is, how can you relieve stress in children with eczema or any other health condition? Here are a few ideas to try in order to find the best stress reliving techniques for your children. Read more

Coping with Eczema? Read These Tips for Emotional Health

By Abby Lai (Bio below) 

Eczema was the hardest time of my life. For those who suffer with it (or have a close friend or family member who suffers with it), you’ll probably know that eczema comes with a lot of physical and psychological baggage.

When I was going through my own personal journey with eczema, I dealt with lots of issues, including: low self-esteem, insecurity, frustration, resentment (at myself and others), disappointment, fear, worry, and pain. You’ll probably understand this if you have eczema. The hardest part was that my emotions were constantly; one moment I would be happy, and the next moment I would be worried and frustrated at the state of my skin. Read more

How Quickly They Forget or Choose to Forget the Hard Times

One of things I worry most about with Tristan’s eczema is, will he look back on his toddler years (when his eczema was the worst) with fear in his eyes?

Will he remember the countless nights he spent writhing in itchy agony in his bed as my husband and I took turns holding him and trying to calm his irritated skin and restless mind?

Will he remember his hysterical pleas to skip just one bath or how it felt when the cool bath water burned his broken skin as he screamed and lashed out? Read more

Caregiver Stress Syndrome: Living with Children with Allergic Conditions

By Tiffany Taft (bio below)

Ask any parent of a child with a chronic illness if they experience stress and I suspect that they’d look at you like you were a bit off your rocker.  Of course caring for a child with an illness comes with stress, and this stress can impact the whole household.  But what is “stress,” exactly?  And more specifically, what is “caregiver stress” and how does it relate to things like illness symptoms, its treatment, and the quality of the lives of those affected by the illness?  Researchers across the globe have focused efforts on understanding parent-caregiver stress, with many studies on parents of children living with allergic conditions such as asthma, food allergies, and eczema.  My personal research is with parents of children affected by Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders (EGIDs) such as eosinophilic esophagitis. Read more

Quilted: A Poem About Living With Atopic Dermatitis

I found this poem at The Online Journal of Community and Person-Centered Dermatology and wanted to share it with you. It so accurately describes our lives, as parents, helping our children cope with atopic dermatitis and severe eczema. If you are an adult suffering from AD or eczema, you surely can relate as well. This poem will show you how hard your parents fought for you, how they tried everything, how they wouldn’t give up on you and a better quality of life, and how much they love and adore you.

Read more

Coping with Food Allergies, Eczema, and Asthma – A Parent’s Guide

By Elika Kormeili (bio below)

I remember as an adult telling my mom about my food allergies and her face dropped. The wheels in her head were already turning thinking about how she will adapt her recipes so that I can eat (thanks mom).  I started reciting what I can and cannot eat – I paused and asked if she wanted me to continue, she looked at me and very reluctantly said “yes and no”.  My food restrictions were also causing her stress and anxiety.

Moms and dads you do so much great work protecting your kids with food allergies, eczema, and asthma and it made me wonder who takes care of you?  Here are a few tips just for parents. Read more

How Can I Cope with Sending a Child to School with Allergies, Eczema, and Asthma?

Today it hit me – my little boy will be starting school in the fall. In only three months he’ll be a preschooler, riding the bus and everything. He’s totally ready. I’m not.

I’m sure ALL parents are nervous about their kid’s starting school. Read more

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