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4 Ways to Relieve Seborrheic Dermatitis

With winter just around the corner, little patches of itchiness are starting to pop up everywhere.  Cooler climates and harsh temperatures make it difficult to keep skin from breaking out – especially your scalp. Read more

How to Identify The Type of Dermatitis You Have

By Cedars Dermatology (see bio below)

Do you think you’re suffering from dermatitis? Dermatitis (a general term that describes inflammation of the skin) comes in many different forms. In this guide we’ll breakdown a variety of skin condition symptoms, as well as possible natural treatments to get you started on the road to recovery. Read more

A Remedy for Itchy Skin – A father and son medical team discover eczema ointment with Eastern botanicals and Western science

By Dr. Steven Q. Wang (bio below)

As a dermatologist and researcher at a world renowned cancer center, I have had many opportunities in the last 10 years to care for sick patients with severe skin diseases and work with scientists and physicians around the world on research to improve skin health.

Three years ago, I started another gratifying and exciting research project. This time, it was with my father, who is a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist in New York City with over 40 years of clinical experience. We set out to discover an eczema ointment that would offer eczema relief and a remedy for itchy skin. Read more

Why You Should Try Calendula for Eczema Relief

By Angelique M. Saffle (bio below)

Calendula is known in herbalist circles as the “mother of the skin.”  It is a safe and gentle plant, possessing no known drug interactions or adverse effects for long-term use.  Calendula in an oil or salve form is the perfect herb for many skin issues on the face and body and should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet in some form.

The petals are composed of resins which contain a potent array of powerful antioxidant compounds.   These protect the skin from free-radical damage and play an active role in healing.   Calendula has been found to increase collagen and elastin in the skin and can assist in preventing the formation of scar tissue. It feels soothing on application and can be used safely by all ages. Read more

All About Psoriasis: An Infographic

All about psoriasis

Check out these soothing natural remedies for psoriasis.

Why Manuka Honey Heals Eczema Naturally

I am a big believer in the healing properties of Manuka Honey for eczema. Why? Because it is the key ingredient in our go-to eczema cream. The one that has helped my son’s chronic dry, scaly eczema as well as my daughter’s more minor, red inflamed eczema. The natural cream I’m in love with, not just because it provides relief for my children, but because it really works wonders on my overly dry, sensitive skin. My husband (who is very anti-skin care products) even uses it on his face! But I digress, let’s talk more about the Manuka Honey – eczema benefits. Read more

Psoriasis is Much More Than a Skin Disease

We haven’t featured much about psoriasis on our blog to date, but I’d like that to change. The condition is very similar to eczema, both physically and psychologically. so I hope today’s post will be both educational and inspiring for everyone. I love that the Skin Impressions campaign is helping those with chronic skin conditions to feel comfortable in their skin again.

– Jennifer Read more

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