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Topical Steroid Withdrawal: Myth vs. Reality

Topical Steroid Withdrawal exists, but thankfully it isn’t as widespread as you may think. Read on to learn more.

By Neil R. Lim, BA and Peter A. Lio MD (see bio below)

Topical corticosteroids (TCS) were hailed as a modern medical miracle when they made their debut over 60 years ago. For the first time, many inflammatory diseases that caused a tremendous amount of suffering could be quieted.  While certainly not a silver bullet and clearly not without side effects, TCS represent the mainstay of treatment for eczema and are universally recognized as a safe and effective therapy when used properly (Hajar). Nevertheless, a rapidly-growing fear among patients and parents of patients afflicted with atopic dermatitis is that of topical steroid “addiction” and subsequent symptoms of topical steroid “withdrawal” after stopping the medication also called Red Skin Syndrome in some circles.  Steroid phobia is not a new phenomenon, however: a study in 1999 found that 72.5% of people expressed worry about using topical corticosteroids on their own or their child’s skin, with 24% admitting to not using their treatment as prescribed due to their concerns (Charman). Unfortunately, these numbers appear to be growing over time, at least in part due to the spread of information—and sometimes misinformation—facilitated by social media. Read more

A Journey through Topical Steroid Addiction

By Melissa Hawira (bio below)

What I want to share with you today is my story of eczema and topical steroid addiction how I overcame both conditions and my now burning desire to help people conquer eczema themselves through my website Top Eczema Treatments that discusses natural eczema treatments.

Read more

Is it Just Eczema or Topical Steroid-Induced Eczema?

By Leslie (Bio below)

The term “Eczema” is characterized by a general inflammation of the skin, and covers a broad range of various forms of dermatitis – atopic, contact, xerotic, seborrhoeic, nummular, discoid, venous eczema etc. The typical default treatment (and gold standard) for such generic cases of Eczema is through the prescription and usage of topical corticosteroids. Topical steroid creams provide symptomatic relief of eczematous symptoms – i.e. itchiness, inflammation, weeping, oozing, crusting. As topical steroids treat only the surface symptoms, patients are often encouraged to seek and fix the root cause of their dermatitis. More often than not, when patients eliminate their exposure to the very allergens that cause their dermatitis, their symptoms reside and they do not require additional usage of topical steroids to manage their conditions. Read more

One Mom’s Eczema Journey: To Hell and Back

From The Boy, the Greek Fire, and Me

One Mom’s Eczema Journey: To Hell and Back

I have a little boy, a very typical little 8 year old boy, who loves Football, Star Wars, any joke involving gross bodily functions and Mario Kart.

What was not quite so typical, was his appearance in October 2011.

My boy was a scarlet red all over his entire body (with the exception of the palm of his hands that remained glaringly white) the skin of his neck had gone and you could see what I assumed to be the capillaries underneath. Read more

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