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  1. Katherine #

    After reading both parts of your story I feel hope! My sons story is very similar to your sons. My husband and I have felt so frustrated lately because every doctor we see prescribes us another stronger steroid cream. We have been using home remedies and trying everything you can imagine to bring some relief to our little guy (he’s 4). Just recently we found that he has an allergy to wheat. The doctors told us this was most likely not causing his eczema. We decided to try a wheat free diet anyway and within 3 weeks his body has cleared up 50%. We are still in the trial and error phase of finding what foods work for him and what cause the flare ups but cutting out the wheat has been a great start for us. Thank you for sharing your story, it makes me feel like we are finally moving in the right direction!

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    February 7, 2017
    • Oh yay! That’s such great news! Keep us posted. Wishing your little guy more healing and comfort.


      February 8, 2017
  2. Jennifer #

    Thank you for your eczema advice!


    December 19, 2015

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