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Hi, I’m Jennifer, a mother who went through so many trials and errors trying to heal my son’s eczema and it was so unbelievably difficult. I learned a lot along the way and I want to share our experiences with you in the hope that it can help you in some small way or better yet that it can bring you and your family some much-needed eczema relief. On this page I’ll list out the posts that recap our story as well as share our biggest successes.


Our Family’s Battle With Eczema – it’s not pretty, but it’s our story.

Part One

Part Two


This is a recap of everything that helped heal my son’s skin.

Natural Remedies for Eczema – What Worked For My Son


Our Eczema Trials – posts documenting worked for us in more detail.

Wet Wrap Therapy

Dry Wrapping

Elimination Diet – How you can do it too!

Auto Immune Paleo and Eczema

Immune Balancer

Safe Laundry Detergent Alternatives


Our Eczema Trials – things that didn’t work for us.

Topical Cortisone

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