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Your Eczema Flare Up, Is It Triggered By Mold?

By Stephanie Cook (see bio below)

You’ve pre-washed his clothes with gentle detergent, disinfected his bottles thoroughly, and baby-proofed every corner, but did you test for indoor air pollution? It can start with a cough; a seemingly insignificant wheeze expelled from the center of his tiny chest. What may be significant, however, could be a commonly overlooked factor.

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How To Determine if Pollen Is Making Your Skin Flare-Up: The Eczema and Allergies Connection

By Dr. Hotze (see bio below)

You may be familiar with eczema flare-ups in the winter, as the combination of dry air and extreme temperature changes (cold outside, hot inside) can exacerbate your skin’s condition. However, have you ever considered the correlation between your eczema and allergies?

As a doctor who’s treated many people with eczema, I’ve noticed that springtime allergens like grass and tree pollens can make symptoms worse. By treating the body’s reaction to seasonal allergies, the eczema flare-ups often diminish or disappear. Read more

Heavy Metals In Your Mouth May Trigger Eczema, Allergies & Asthma

By Diane Meyer B.S., D.D.S. (bio below)

In the Dental field, various metals are implemented to create different types of restorations. Unfortunately, not all of these restorative metals will be the best fit for you. In fact, some of these metals may elicit adverse health effects including allergic reactions. Auspiciously, there are options for dealing with these metals after exposure, but it is advantageous to learn how to avoid these allergens altogether.


The most toxic of these metals is mercury, which is found in “Silver fillings.” A 2006 study confirmed that the mercury in the dental amalgam (i.e. Silver fillings) of pregnant woman can travel to the fetus and still be present in newborns. The mercury from the mother’s amalgam fillings during pregnancy was identified as the chief cause of atopic eczema. The study also confirmed that the newborn’s eczema disappeared after the infants underwent mercury detoxification (1,2) . Another article published in 2003 found that lichenoid bodies (similar to eczema) disappeared in all patients after their amalgam fillings were removed (3).

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Are Antibiotics Contributing to the Rise in Food Allergies?

Do you or someone in your family have food allergies? Then this study will interest you. Scientists discovered that by altering the gut bacteria of mice with anti-biotics they could confer peanut allergy in the mice. Then they re-colonized the mice’s guts with a common mammal gut bacteria and reversed the peanut allergy. All by changing the bacteria in their guts! You can see the study here.

The type and quantity of bacteria in our gut have an integral role in our health. Called our microbiome, it has a place in digestion, immune function and now it looks like food allergies. Read more

Gluten-Free For Eczema, Asthma and All Around Good Health

By: Mitchell Medical Group

Gluten-free food has always existed, and so have gluten allergies. But it hasn’t been until somewhat recently that people have decided to cut gluten completely out of their diet for weight-loss reasons, or simply because they just want to jump aboard the new gluten-free fad.

In fact, gluten-free eating has become so popular, some people may have forgotten that there actually is a largely positive effect of switching over to a gluten-free diet besides losing weight.

According to Dr. Dean Mitchell, an allergy expert, eating gluten can cause what is referred to as “gluten brain.” Your brain health deteriorates as a result of consuming too much gluten – mainly because today’s wheat is highly processed – which can cause overall fogginess, memory loss, and a lack of energy. Read more

Healing Your Gut Series: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome And How It May Apply To You!

Healing Your Gut Series

Healing Your Gut Series: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome & How It May Apply To You!

By Josh Gitalis (bio below)

If you or your child suffers from allergy-driven conditions like eczema, psoriasis, asthma or allergies, you are likely well aware of the difficulty in treating these conditions. The first line therapies consist of various forms of steroids, and they only bring temporary relief. These conditions manifest from the inside out, so it is no wonder that these treatments are ineffective over the long-term. Read more

LIVE Q & A on the GAPS diet

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 Jennifer Scribner discovered renewed health when she switched to a whole-foods diet. This led her to train at the Nutritional Therapy Association in whole-foods nutrition and become a  Certified GAPS Diet Practitioner. Jennifer offers personalized counselling and support with realistic nutritional recommendations to each of her clients. She shares her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and teaches how to incorporate nutrient dense foods into your diet in a way that is achievable for everyone. You can learn more about Jennifer and the GAPS Diet at Body Wisdom Nutrition. 




How I Became a Food Allergy Mom


By Elizabeth Flora Ross (Bio below)

“I think she’s allergic to strawberries,” my husband said one night. I was dubious. My daughter’s eyes would water, her nose would run and she would sneeze when she ate them. But I did not recognize those as food allergy symptoms – I dismissed it as seasonal allergies. One evening as we enjoyed a family movie night, our daughter began to complain she was itchy and hot. With only the light from the television, I couldn’t really see her. Then she said she needed to use the potty. When I turned on the light in the bathroom, I was shocked by what I saw. Her face and lips had transformed into a huge, red, swollen rash.

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Food Curiosity, When Young Children Put Their Food Allergies To The Test

When our kids are young, we feel like we have some sense of control over their allergies. After all, they cannot easily prepare food for themselves and they rely on us to do it for them – so we carefully avoid all allergens and intolerances. But sometimes our little ones of a certain age may become curious about the food they’ve been told to avoid their whole lives. What happens then? Read on to hear this mom’s story and learn how they coped, a great read for all allergy parents!


Managing Food Allergies, Asthma and Eosinophilic Esophagitis

By Kendra (bio below)

9554_wpm_lowres      Our family was introduced to the world of life threatening food allergies when Paul, now 8, stopped breathing during dinner at just 7 months old.  I explained to the allergist that Paul always had a rash of some sort, and nothing we did affected the daily wheezing.  We learned that he was allergic to egg, peanut, cat and dog.  Five months later, another half-dozen food allergies were identified.  His symptoms improved for a few months.  Then he started having rashes and trouble breathing every time he ate.  With guidance from the allergist, we continued to remove newly identified food allergies every few months.  By the time Paul was 3 ½, he was allergic to every food that he had ever eaten.  All nutrition came from an elemental formula which is broken down to amino acids.  The absence of actual food proteins ensures that there is nothing for the body to identify as an allergen.
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Our Journey of Healing Asthma, Eczema, Allergies with Homeopathy (Part 2)

Where did the week go?! I just realized that I missed Tuesday’s post! This GAPS diet is really taking over our lives, but still that’s no excuse and even if it was, I think it’s a pretty good one – don’t you? Still, NOT an excuse. Just this week we went for a follow-up appointment for Tristan’s homeopathic treatment and it made me realize that it is way past time I update you on how he’s progressing. If you’d like to read Part 1 of our story, you can do that here.

Things are going much better overall for Tristan. The night-time coughing has completely gone away. Every once in a while he’ll cough a little during the night and he certainly has more trouble when he’s sick, but for the most part he’s fine! We believe this has to do with two things – the homeopathy and the saline nasal rinses we’re doing twice a day. At first I wasn’t sure which of the two was doing the trick, so we took him off the homeopathic liquid tincture as described in Part 1, and after a few days his night-time coughing came back and he had a lot of trouble coughing at school too, which required his rescue inhaler. So, we put him back on the homeopathic liquid and a few days later he was fine again. A few weeks later we stopped the saline nasal washes and the same thing happened, the coughing came back and only ceased after a few days back on the rinses! So, we know for sure BOTH the saline and the homeophathy has really helped with the coughing. And we’re sure now that the coughing wasn’t even really asthma (like we and his doctor believed), but more of a post nasal drip/allergic rhinitis from an allergy that we’ve yet to identify.

The homeopathic doctor has now recommended making some changes to Tristan’s treatment knowing like we do now, that Tristan really has more rhinitis issues than asthma currently. And since he still has trouble with food allergies and eczema, although the latter is mild right now, he’s continuing to treat them with the tincture as well. He’s changed his liquid formula, which he takes twice a day and added a few granules to take once a month, one of which is to prepare for pollen season this spring, which is a HUGE eczema trigger for him. And he continues to take the MMR vaccine treatment mentioned in Part 1.

The new liquid tincture contains:

  • Rosa Canina S ID – 50ml
  • Corallium Rubreau 9CH – 10ml
  • Sporgia 5CH – 10ml
  • Coccus Cachi 5CH – 10ml
  • Kalium Blib 5CH – 10ml
  • Thymuline 9CH – 10ml

New granules at one dose a month, rotating through the following:

  • 2 Dose – Psoriumum 30CH
  • 1 Dose – Arsenicum Album 30 IM
  • 1 Dose – Pollens 30CH

We hope we continue to see progress! With the homeopathy and the GAPS diet, I can’t see how we won’t!





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