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Best Eczema Treatments for Babies: Your Guide to Natural Care

Did you know that, according to the National Eczema Society, as many as 10% of all infants in the US have some form of eczema? Those are pretty worrying odds and something a new parent should never have to think about. Unfortunately, baby eczema is a reality. In this post, we breakdown both the most common forms of eczema as well as the best eczema treatments for babies. Read more

How to Identify The Type of Dermatitis You Have

By Cedars Dermatology (see bio below)

Do you think you’re suffering from dermatitis? Dermatitis (a general term that describes inflammation of the skin) comes in many different forms. In this guide we’ll breakdown a variety of skin condition symptoms, as well as possible natural treatments to get you started on the road to recovery. Read more

13 Home Remedies for Eczema Scars

By Hannah Do (see bio below)

Itching is only half of the battle you have to go through if you have eczema. Because once the itch and scratching subside, you’ll have to deal with the terrible and embarrassing scars. While some scars fade away in time, some of them actually never go away.

If you’ve been chronically suffering from this skin issue, or you just want to prevent it from happening to you, then read on to learn more. Read more

“Will your child outgrow their eczema?” A dermatologist’s perspective on the development of atopic dermatitis

By Fatima Lakhani, BS and Peter A. Lio, MD (see bio below)

Eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD) is often thought of as a skin problem mainly affecting infants and young children, most of whom will outgrow the condition [Abuabara]. However, relatively few studies have been conducted to validate these beliefs, and the concept of “outgrowing eczema” remains somewhat mysterious. The relative similarity between childhood and adult eczema prevalence rates suggests that the condition may be more common in adults than generally thought. There are several possible explanations for this, including that many children do not outgrow their eczema or that childhood eczema is replaced by adult eczema, which may actually be different. Read more

Meet New Eczema Blogger – Itchin Since ’87

By Ashley of Itchin Since ’87 (See bio below)


Eczema, what a bizarre skin condition it is. I’ve been dealing with atopic dermatitis aka eczema since the age of two. I like to joke around by saying there is truth to the “terrible twos.”

When the doctor diagnosed me with eczema my mother was heartbroken, as she learned there was no known cure. She mentioned how hard it was to watch a two year old continuously scratch her skin off. At the time she didn’t know any better and tried everything to cure it. We used multiple steroids (not a good idea), creams, lotions, injected shots, oatmeal baths and pretty much anything else you could think of. Some worked. Some didn’t. Overall, nothing was permanent. I am 27 now and STILL suffering from this horrible condition. In fact, I wear gloves at night to keep from scratching in my sleep. Read more

How Probiotics Help to Relieve Eczema in Children

By Sabra Way (bio below)

Probiotics often come up when discussing possible supplements to use for eczema. The question is what kind, when do you use them and how will they help. In many previous studies involving atopic dermatitis, the probiotics were given to pregnant mothers and then continued in the infant after birth. Results were great, but what if a child didn’t receive probiotics inutero? Will probiotics given only after birth help a child’s eczema? Because probiotic strains have different effects, the results have been variable. However, in one new study, the benefits of probiotics for eczema in children has finally been documented. Read more

What Is The Atopic March?

By Dr. Peter Lio (bio below)

The concept of the “Atopic March” is compelling: seeing children who start with atopic dermatitis (eczema), then develop asthma, and finally develop allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is a fairly common pattern. Some have discussed that increased gut permeability (“leaky gut“) with or without actual food allergies or intolerances may come even before the eczema, and there are some studies that support this idea. Many ideas have been suggested for this progression, from maturation of the immune system to environmental factors, but it has largely remained an observation without much understanding. Read more

6 Things You Can Learn from My 10 Years of Eczema


By Harrison (Bio below)

I’m really happy to be featured on Jennifer’s blog today. I would like to share with you the lessons I learned about life when I had eczema. Let me introduce myself. I’m Harrison and I have had eczema since the age of 6. I developed this horrible skin disease and never grew out of it even when I got to high school. I prayed to God every night and hoped that he would help me grow out of it too. But I guess I wasn’t lucky enough. Until in the 10th grade of high school, the social consequences of having terribly scratchy, bleeding wounds had greatly reduced my self-esteem to the lowest point possible. I was very embarrassing when asked “jeez, what happened to your skin?” And, as you know, sweating can cause an itching frenzy, so having eczema also cut out any physical activities. It felt unfair when all I could do was sit back and watch my friends shoot hoops on the court. I hated my restricted life. I realized it was time, I had to get serious about getting rid of this skin problem.  It had to go. So I began hours of internet research on possible permanent treatments that were not steroid-related or overnight fixes. Read more

Healing Eczema with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

We have dabbled in treating Tristan’s eczema with acupuncture, but it didn’t go so well. He was three years old and was not at all ok with the needles (that were very tiny and disguised as stickers) being applied to his body. So, we didn’t get through enough treatments to see a difference. BUT, I will say that I’ve heard of many adults who saw great results with treating their eczema with acupuncture. One primary reason is that acupuncture is great for treating stress, and we all know that stress can play a big part in eczema flare ups. So, I certainly believe acupuncture is worth a try if you can find a great practitioner with a good reputation in your area.

– Jennifer

Healing Eczema with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine  

By Rebecca Ong-Sutherland (See bio below)

Eczema affects millions of Americans in varying degrees.  From mild unnoticeable cases to uncomfortable and unsightly skin irritations, people have been looking to Western medicine to heal this condition for decades. Countless medications and products have emerged that offer temporary relief, but few provide lasting results.  There’s hope in an often overlooked and underutilized resource in skin care – traditional Eastern medicine.

Eczema – The Basics

People with eczema have patches of skin that become inflamed, red and itchy. These patches can appear anywhere on the body and range in severity from mild irritations to skin that can become extremely dry, cracked and painful.  The most common type of eczema is Atopic Dermatitis.  This type of eczema is a genetic condition that’s triggered by allergens and is often seen in people who also suffer from asthma. The correlation between eczema and allergies is very strong, and children that are born with Atopic Dermatitis are much more likely to develop allergies as they grow. Read more

Could The Eczema Company Win The Cribsie Awards?

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